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Bluetooth Smart
*Imagine if every Bluetooth enabled car was used as a sensor to help you find an empty parking spot. With Parqt’s Bluetooth Checkin Technology that is exactly what we did. Now you will know when other users leave a spot in real time, making it easier for you to find a parking spot. These spots are represented by the green pins with the Bluetooth wordmark.
Do the Earth Good
With Parqt decrease your carbon footprint and avoid driving around aimlessly to find an available parking spot.  As a crowd sourcing application you will know which spots are available now or those that will become available shortly.
Avoid Hassles
No longer worry about receiving a parking ticket and paying a huge fine or even worse having your car towed!  With Parqt you can quickly set up a notification to inform you that your meter is about to expire.
By using the filtering feature easily find friends and family.  Once you check into your parking spot simply take a photo and share your information so others know where you are at and what you are up to.
Instant Parking Info
You can easily find available parking in garages/lots or on the street by simply using the filter feature.
Points are Priceless
**With Parqt, earn rewards by setting up a reminder regarding the expiration of your parking meter.  These reminders will not only help you, but also other users who are looking for a parking spot. These points can be easily redeemed for valuable gift cards from your favorite brands. If you feel like doing something good for others instead you can also donate your points to your favorite charity.
Never forget where you parked!

Parqt will automatically store your parking location whenever you check in at a parking spot so you can easily find your way back to your vehicle.  Don’t ever worry again about forgetting the location of your vehicle.
*** If you have a Bluetooth enabled vehicle you don’t even have to interact with your phone. Our patent pending Bluetooth Checkin feature will store your parking location in a seamless way every time you park.

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In The News
Read about Parqt in this news article to learn more about how Parqt can help you every day!

*All users can see the pins that are generated via Bluetoooth pairing. These pins are generated automatically each time a fellow Parqt user who has enabled automated bluetooth checkin turns their engine on and off. However, with this current version of Parqt only Android users are able to generate these pins automatically.
**If your vehicle is Bluetooth enabled simply pair your Android device to earn rewards when you park your car. With the current version of Parqt automated rewarding system is only available to Android devices.
***With the current version of Parqt only Android users can check-in automatically (without any manual interaction with the device)

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